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In the era of Digital Revolution, for any business to survive, grow and expand, it is imminent that it has a digital footprint. The digital revolution is at its peak, transenting demographic and geographic boundaries. The world is moving towards a cashless, data driven market, and business across the world have taken note. Have you !!!

Your website is considered as an intangible asset, and the best platform to market your product and if your website does not facilitate higher sales numbers, then it's time to consider a new one!!!!!!!

A company website is an important part of today’s business world, it has become so important that irrespective of shape, size, or geographical distinctions it has become a vital asset for every business to function.

The biggest advantage of having an interactive website is the ability to conduct sales activity 24/7 from anywhere in the world with minimum investment. Which is otherwise impossible with the traditional brick and mortar establishments.

Mobile data disbursement is the next big thing in the world, studies have found that the majority of leads are generated through mobile devices. Reducing cost of data along with affordable smartphones have triggered this phenomenon. Now a day’s it is vital for any organisation to not have a mobile friendly version of their website, as mobile users have significantly outnumbered pc users and this is where sales are expected to come in the future.

If your website is not mobile friendly, it is in today’s business standards considered outdated and that could probably explain the reason why your website has less traffic and lead conversions. What you need is a professional website design services team, that could convert your dream into reality. If you are looking for a hassle free website design team, look no further Trip Brands Technology (TBT), one of the world's leading web design company is here to help.

Web Design Packages (CMS & Responsive)

Within 7 days after SRS approval
  • 5 Pages
  • Word press CMS
  • Mobile Responsive Layout
  • Contact form
  • Google Map
  • SEO friendly & Social Media Integration
Within 10 days after SRS approval
  • 15 Pages
  • Word press CMS
  • Mobile Responsive Layout
  • Contact form
  • Google Map
  • SEO friendly
  • Social Media Integration
  • Image slider
  • Image gallery
  • Testimonials
  • Blog & Newsletter subscription
Best Buy
Within 7 days after SRS approval
  • 10 Pages
  • Word press CMS
  • Mobile Responsive Layout
  • Contact form
  • Google Map
  • SEO friendly
  • Social Media Integration
  • Image slider & Image gallery

Web Design Key Elements

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Layout & User Experience

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Website layout clear & easy to navigate

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Most important information on top & least one at the bottom

With a decade of experience is website design & development, Trip Brands Technology (TBT) has been instrumental in developing websites at affordable rates. Our rates are transparent, with no hidden cost, this feature alone has made us unique in this industry. Our past clients are testimonial to the quality and efficiency that we bring to the table, check our client testimonials to see what our past clients have talked about us.

Get your fully functional website build exclusively to your taste and preference and make your business credible and accessible to the opportunities that the world has to offer.

Why Trip Brands Technology (TBT)


We offer a dedicated team of designers and content developers exclusively to meet your requirements. We suggest innovative solutions from our vast knowledge that we have accumulated from our previous projects to help you solve complex problems that you might face while conceptualising the idea of your perfect website. Our contents are intended to create maximum leads and conversions for your products and services, and our coding team are always looking to make your website crisp and mobile friendly.


At Trip Brands Technology (TBT) we make it a point that our projects are completed within the agreed upon time frame.We act as a consultant to help you convert your idea into reality, our professional team of designers and developers will provide you with personalised services to make you comfortable during the whole process.


Our design and content team always make it a point that we deliver products according to the clients requirements. We always keep a tick box for each project, this tick box includes the specific demands of the client and we tick the box as and when the specified demand is meet. We make sure our designs are unique, eye catching and crisp, and will include all the design elements that will maximise leads and conversions.


Our professionals use the information that we have gained through our past projects in this field to ensure you that we deliver the best product. It is our primary goal that we deliver products that are user friendly and maintain high performance, because you deserve the best. Nothing short of best will do.


Quality control is an integral part of our delivery process and we make it a priority that we fix all the issues and bugs as and when it occurs, and ensure routine checks to ensure the website is always performing at its optimum.


The cornerstone philosophy of our business revolves around the principle of customer satisfaction, every activity that we perform is directed towards providing the highest level of customer satisfaction experience. We believe that customer is always the king, and it is this satisfied customer base that markets our products and services. We are excited to inform you that most of our new customers acquisitions happens through reference.

Web Development Services Available For Your Business


If you are a startup or a company who is looking to go digital, we are here to help you launch your website. Website is a digital face that act as a platform to communicate your core brand values, and differentiation factors to your potential customers. Potential customers performs primary research in your website to know more about you, and to understand your unique value proposition, and your website helps to shape the thought process of your customers. The decision to engage with you or buy your products depends mainly on the quality of content and the design of your website. We at Trip Brands Technology (TBT) know what your customers are looking for, so just give us a call and talk to our expert staff, to know more about how we can help you succeed in your business.


Trip Brands Technology (TBT) have designed and developed a large variety of websites catering to the needs of corporations across the industrial spectrum. We have designed websites as per the specifications provided by the clients, these websites are always made with optimum performance and user friendly design as the core focus. In some cases the customers come to us with a vague idea, and the design team, helps to create a clear picture, a drawing of sort, to give the customer a definite picture of his concept. We listen to his suggestion to further develop his idea.


eCommerce is a booking business model that have had remarkable traction in the 21st century. eCommerce is a platform used by many successful businesses to scale their operation and expand market beyond the geographical boundaries. ecommerce platform enables individual business to operate their service network 24/7 enabling its customers to purchase product at their convenience. We provide B2B, B2C and Hybrid eCommerce models for our customers to choose from ensuring customization to suit the customer needs. We provide API & Payment Gateway services as an add on or as separate product model, which will further help to strengthen your business model


Trip Brands Technology (TBT) helps to develop custom web application services for its clients, who are looking for customised website models that are unique and who wants to capitalise that uniqueness to their advantage. Trip Brands Technology (TBT) offer white label solutions for people who are looking for a specific product. Trip Brands Technology (TBT) in the past had a lot of clients who preferred such products, and we have time and again delivered products that are crisp and look exceptionally well. Trip Brands Technology (TBT) have always been in the receiving end when it comes to high satisfaction ratings from our customers, this rich tradition and skill set has empowered us to go further in this direction. Our team members are eager to handle unique complex project, as we believe that each project is a learning opportunity and each learning opportunity gives us an opportunity to acquire new skill set.

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