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CRM Software is a widely accepted marketing tool that is used by successful companies across the world. CRM helps businesses to streamline the various processes in marketing, sales and service divisions to help its users focus on customer relationship that actually matter. Tech Brands CRM solution is multifaceted platform that stores information primarily for the purpose of developing, improving and retaining our clients customers. When a company does not have a well integrated CRM software, the chances are that the company might miss growth targets and lose revenue as their marketing resources are not optimised furthermore it could negatively impact your customer relation and lead conversion efforts. A well integrated CRM is the need of the hour, as their is plenty of information related to customer taste and preference available across multiple platforms, hence making it difficult to extract, our product solves this problem for you.

What we Offer you!

CRM for marketing

  • You can Track Your Website Visitors and Convert them as Lead
  • Create Tasks, Events, Schedule Calls, Take Notes
  • Prepare Quote and Invoice at a click of a button
  • Organize Trip and Track Financials
  • Book Supplier Reservation and Track Payment Made
  • Get Your Email Inbox inside CRM
  • Calculate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Pre-built Reports and Dashboards

CRM for Ecommerce

  • Managing customer data
  • Collaborating with support, invoicing, and purchasing teams
  • Predicting cyclicality
  • Using advanced analytics
  • Launching targeted campaigns
  • Qualifying leads
  • Integration with Social Media leads
  • Analyze trends and marketing information for improvement

CRM for Agency

  • Analyze how your business is performing
  • Automate your tasks
  • Track the conversation
  • Multiple Agents Logins
  • Call,Email, Chat, and Back Office Services can be synchronized with CRM system
  • Analysis of data
  • Leads Management from Open to Close/ Convert
  • Analyze Agent performance

CRM for Businesses

  • Increase sales productivity
  • Increase customer retention
  • Enhance sales strategy
  • Have faster, web-based access to all business partner

Step your Business in CRM to the Next Level

Customer Relationship Management solutions are used to maximize operational efficiency and to create strong relationships with you & your customers. The most critical managing function of CRM software for small business is to record each instance of customer interaction via its website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing tools, and social media to consolidate customer information into a single CRM database of travel agencies. We have an inhouse CRM software solution that is capable of managing large database of customers,which can be customised according to the client need. CRM is one of the most popular product in our product line and it is widely adopted by large, medium and small Businesses across the world. Most of these tools are built so that they can fit the requirement of almost every type of business.

How CRM Benefits You?

1. Streamline your sales process

2. Prioritize who you call

3. Manage your leads more efficiently

4. Make your customer interactions more personalized

5. Save your time by automating routine tasks

6. Make your teams more transparent

7. Get detailed analytics on your sales process

Our CRM Strategy for Your business development:

Advantages of CRM

Trip Brands Technology also comes with optional marketing modules that will improve customer service and increase brand loyalty.

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