"Our board of directors consists of a unique mix of passionate, high-energy, fiscally conscious, and goal oriented executives, with the ability to intellectually approach each new challenge with a rare blend of creativity and analytical skills to innovate business strategies that yield measurable results in defined target markets."

Benson Samuel - Chairman Tribrands Gorup of Companies

Benson Samuel

President / Group CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors

A visionary strategist in global travel, and as a brand champion Mr. Benson is an extremely aggressive goal oriented super achiever. His management strategies are a unique blend of entrepreneurial fervor, innovation, inspiration and independence. He offers a collaborative approach to leadership working closely with his executive leadership team and the board of directors to deliver exceptional value to its customers and stakeholders.

Mr. Benson Samuel is the Chairman of the Board & Group CEO of Trip Brands Group of companies. He leads the Company’s business initiatives across the globe. Mr. Benson sets the strategy and direction for Trip Brands with an intention to become one of the largest player in the industry . Under his leadership, Trip Brands group has emerged as a global conglomerate that has diversified divisions spread across the world.

He is a veteran with nearly three decades of experience in the Travel Industry. As a person who is humbled by his achievements, his charismatic personality has helped him develop irrevocable relationships with his trade partners, customers, and retail agencies in the global travel industry. Mr. Benson is synonymous with making the inhouse brands of Trip Brands LLC a global success story, with high brand recall, with excellent reliability track record and desirability, creating new benchmarks in the industry. All the brands reflects his passion, competence, honesty and integrity, making the brands a true reflection of his personality.

Mr. Benson has recognized that technological advancements and changing market trends had opened up new possibilities for travelers and travel agencies alike and decided to create a technology company to fulfill his visions, Trip Brands Technology Pvt Ltd was formed.

Ajish Nair - Director Trip Brands

Ajish Nair

Director-Trip Brands Technology Pvt ltd

Ajish Nair is the Director of Trip Brands Technology Pvt Ltd based in India, a Travel technology Company. Ajish leads the technology products for Trip Brands Groups of Companies across all its subsidiaries and he is instrumental behind all the technical innovations that take place within the company. Currently, he is the brain behind building a user friendly ecommerce platform, data platforms, building mobile technology & B2B tools that power Trip Brands Group as one of the leading Travel Technology brands in the world.

Over the past decade, he has focused his efforts on building unique travel technology solutions to cater to the growing travel and tourism industry. He has spent a greater part of his career focusing on creating innovative solutions for the travel and tourism sector. By combining the knowledge gained by analyzing industry trends and customer data, he has delivered class leading products.

He leads a team of highly skilled nerds who are some of the best in the industry, constantly innovating and developing products that would make booking travel seamless and at the same time ensuring lower process cost without compromising on the quality of the delivery. Prior to Trip Brands Technology Pvt Ltd venture, he was working for Riya Travel and Tours as Manager-IT. He was instrumental in building Travel APIs & finance applications in the previous Company.

He is a voracious innovator and is constantly focused on developing new and advanced technological solutions to help Trip Brands Technology Pvt Ltd to provide value driven services to its customers. Ajish holds a Master Degree in Computer Science and specific industry standard training program in Travel technology. He was the brain behind establishing an in-house technology team in Trip Brands Technology Pvt Ltd.

Ajish Nair - Director Trip Brands

Ajish Nair

Director-Trip Brands Technology Pvt ltd

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